A Camping Surprise

For those of you who have been around for a while, you will remember a certain blog post about our unwanted house guests. (you can find it here if you are new!) Well, this a few weeks ago, Chris, Winston, and I took a night away for a spontaneous camping trip at a local state park. We were in desperate need of a mountain getaway, preferably an overnight one. So we snagged ourselves a camp spot not too far away and off we went.

We had a great day filled with reading, hiking, eating and sitting by the fire. The next morning we woke early (which is to say we never really fell asleep, and decided to wait until the sun came up to get out of our warm sleeping bags!) and started a small fire to enjoy while we ate our breakfast.

Just as Chris was sitting down to enjoy his full cooked breakfast, our dog Winston looked up into the trees behind me and gave a low warning growl. Now, if you don't know Winston he is a bit of a worrier and is protective of us so I casually turned around thinking I would spot a few campers walking up the hill behind our campground. No big deal.

It took me a second to realize what I was seeing before Chris and I both whisper-shouted that it was a massive black bear! Just casually walking past our campground at 7am.

Can you spot the photoshopped black bear?! That's how close he was!

Now, we are no novice bear spotters mind you. We have seen half a dozen bears in our mountain adventures, but they usually involve a ranger (keeping everyone a safe distance away from said bears) and about twenty other people frantically snapping photos before the bears disappear. We have never spotted one on our own and we were a little spooked, but excited!

So we threw Winston in the car (just in case the bear smelled Chris' breaky and decided to make a move towards us) and watched closely as the bear casually sauntered over the ridge behind our campground.

To say that we were giddy from our little encounter would be an understatement. It is exactly the kind of mountain adventure we needed, post quarantine. We are going away again in a few weeks and have high expectations for wildlife watching this trip. Fingers crossed we see something exciting (from a safe distance of course!).