A Front Door Makeover

Chris and I have spent the last two years renovating our second house, and while we are allllmost finished with all of our planned projects, there are still a few lingering things that are driving us crazy. The main one being the front landscaping and porch area, and since it is basically 100 degrees every day in the summer this one is taking us longer than we would like to finish.

But one thing I can do, despite the heat is figure out what to do about our ugly and outdated front door. Since we spent so much time DIY-ing everything else in our house we actually figured we would just pay to have someone else install a brand new door for us. Give ourselves a bit of a break. So we had a guy from a big name brand come out to measure and give us a quote. When the estimate came back at over $6,000 (I know, my chin dropped too!), we couldn't handle it. We could install a door ourselves for less than $1,000.

Buuuut, as these things often present different challenges, our door is not your typical size so it was going to require opening up the doorway and installing a new frame, etc. Seeing as how doors can be pretty tricky to install on a good day, we knew we had to think outside the box here. So I started researching ways to use what we have in a door and upgrade it so that it looks like an awesome craftsman style door. I have no idea what I am doing on this one (well, most of them to be honest!), but here is a rough idea of my plan.

First things first, this flat panel door needs to be taken off its hinges and sanded down to the wood. Then I will cut out an opening for a charming craftsman window to be installed, followed by adding some trim so that it has that classic craftsman style that we are going for. Then to finish it off I will caulk, prime and paint the whole thing and reinstall with all new hardware.Then before we can reinstall the door, we have to remove the old frame/jamb and install a new one to accommodate the thicker door. Phew!

So here's a look at the existing door as well as my inspiration for creating the new door.

inspiration via Home Depot

This is the handleset we are going with which we will pair with new black hinges. And I haven't fully decided on the paint yet, but am considering this front door paint after seeing some other projects finished with it.

I am waiting on the new hardware and the window to arrive before we jump into the project with both feet, so stay tuned later this summer for an update. Hopefully it turns out as good as the inspiration photo!

Have you ever redone a door like this? Any tips/recommendations??