A Return to Blogging

When Chris and I lived in San Francisco, I started a blog about all of our adventures. When we bought our first house I began blogging about all of our home renovation projects. The past few years I have missed having that creative outlet, and so, at the urging of some friends and family I decided to dive back into blogging. I hope to show up here regularly, or at least as often as we have something interesting going on, but it will probably be a bit more random than past blogs have been.

You can still expect to see our house projects documented here, cute photos of our dog Winston, and all kinds of mountain adventures, of course. But we also have a very cool big project we are starting which is building our very own teardrop trailer for camping in! We have absolutely no idea what we are doing, but feel confident that we can figure it out as we go along, and hopefully have a warm, comfortable place to sleep for all of our mountain adventures. If I can talk Chris into starting a YouTube channel I will share that here, too!

I am excited to have you follow along on all of our crazy adventures and hope to share a good bit of humor as we go!