Teardrop Dreams

In case you are new around here, Chris and I have been known to tackle a DIY project or two, usually involving our house(s). However, we recently came up with a crazy idea for a new project, inspired by our latest camping trip.

We decided to get out of dodge (quarantine, anyone?!) and into the mountains to enjoy some fresh air and some time out of our house, and camping seemed like the logical choice. So we snagged a spot in a state park about an hour away and off we went. It was everything we dreamed it would be: fresh air, sunshine, peace and quiet, and a cold hard ground to sleep on. (insert record scratch here!) That's right, we both froze and woke up with stiff backs after a rough night's sleep in our backpacking tent. And while we loved our days spent lazing around camp reading a good book, and an afternoon hike with Winston, and a warm campfire at night, we realized the one thing we didn't like about camping was the cold hard ground (sleeping pad or not!).

This is where our dream was born. We had been casually talking about what it might be like to buy a teardrop trailer for camping for a few months, but nothing too serious. Well actually, we priced one out and with everything we wanted in it, we were looking at a price tag of about $18k. Which kind of shocked us to be honest. It's little more than a bed and a glorified camping kitchen, so we were not interested in spending that kind of money. So why not build one?! Um, because we aren't crazy!! Well, actually we are. So we decided to take the plunge and learn as we go to build a teardrop that is completely customized to our needs.

Crazy, right?! Well, we are bringing you along for the ride so buckle up! So far we have bought a basic utility trailer, cut off all of the unnecessary parts and are ready to start the build!

Stay tuned! We will try to share weekly or biweekly about our progress, depending on how much we manage to get done week to week. Eeek! We are so excited!