Teardrop Trailer Project - vol. 1

We have spent the past few weeks finalizing our sketch and design for our teardrop trailer. The first thing was agreeing on the size we wanted. Many teardrops are 4' x 8' which means the bed portion is 4' x 6' and the back kitchen portion is 2' x 4'. And while that is a perfectly fine size bed, we have Winston to consider. So we decided it would be best if he could sleep at our feet and Chris and I would have a queen size mattress to sleep on. Which meant we needed a 5x10 trailer. We looked high and low and found a 5.5' x 10' trailer locally so we decided to go for that.

This past weekend we rented a teardrop to get out of the Denver heat and to do a little bit of research for our own trailer.

So this is a sneak peek at the rough design we were thinking of doing (fingers crossed it actually turns out looking like this!) prior to our trip. And it's staying relatively close to this after. Just a few minor tweaks to make it perfect for us!

Here is a peek at the trailer we rented this weekend. There were a lot of things that we liked about it that we are adding to our own trailer (taller doors, fold out countertops in the kitchen, and fold up mattress) and a few that we don't want to bring to our own (less cabinetry in the cabin, placement of the "dog bunk," and air conditioning!). Overall that feels like a success, given that we hadn't even slept in a teardrop prior to deciding to build our own! It gave us everything that we wanted: more time outdoors, with a warm comfortable bed to sleep in at night!

And back to our trailer. Chris removed all of the steel walls and extra pieces from around the base of the trailer last week so we are pretty much starting with a blank slate. Our first step of the build is figuring out the floor and getting that installed. We have a rough idea of how we will design, insulate and waterproof the floor but want to dry fit everything before we start fixing everything into place. We hope to start that this weekend so wish us luck!

Stay tuned! Hopefully next time you see this little guy (we need a fun name for him, don't you think?!), he should have a fully installed trailer floor!