Teardrop Trailer Project - vol. 2

Welp, it has been a bit since I updated you on the progress we have made with the trailer, which is to say, it doesn't look like much! Ha. There have been a lot of little details that we have had to tackle to make sure we were starting with a solid (and waterproofed!) base. So here's a peek at what we've been up to and where we are now.

First, we had to remove the flooring we had put down to make sure it was level all the way across the trailer frame (it wasn't to begin with!). Once that was done, we could glue and bolt the floor back in place. Then we had to decide on final height of the trailer, which mostly came down to wanting as much height inside as we could get, while still being able to build and store it inside our garage. So we decided on 54" from the base of the trailer. Which means a good 4' of height inside the cabin, which is more than enough.

Next, we had to sketch out the shape we wanted to go for on the plywood for the walls. After a little bit of back and forth we finally got it just how we wanted it. Chris and I definitely have different methods for this step. He wanted to be very calculated with protractors and perfect angles, and I wanted to just be creative and free sketch the shape that we liked. We ended up being a bit looser with our outline and we both love what we came up with.

In between all of these steps, we had to learn how to drill pocket holes (so cool!), figure out what thickness we needed for our diamond plate and aluminum and get all of those materials ordered, and order our doors (I am so excited for these to arrive!). I am happy to report that the aluminum sheets have arrived, and while we wait on the diamond plate, trim, and doors to arrive, we are ready to actually build the walls in place! (eek! it feels so good to finally be able to say that!)

This weekend we plan to cut out the openings for the doors, attach the sheets of plywood for each wall together, and screw them into the base flooring. One those are in we will be able to frame out the raised floor, add insulation into the floor and put the finished flooring sheets on top. This is where I hope to get to this weekend (fingers crossed!), and then we can share some actual exciting photos with you at long last.