Teardrop Trailer Project - vol. 3

It's been a busy, but productive weekend on the teardrop and I wanted to drop a few progress photos here before I get lost in the busy-ness of my week! So I'll just jump right in...

I spent yesterday morning drilling lots of pocket holes in the bottom of the wall panels, and notching out a few spots to go around parts of the trailer frame where needed. Once the walls were finished, I repeated the pocket hole process on a bunch of the ceiling studs so we could keep the walls square once installed.

So the biggest news of all is that we got the walls installed (hallelujah!), which ended up being more time intensive than I was anticipating. Which is basically the story of my life. I am definitely a glass half full gal and go into most things believing it's going to be great (easy, etc.) and am often slapped in the face with reality pretty quick. :P

So once the walls were in, I cut a bunch of studs for the flooring and that's where we ended the weekend. Ready to attach all of the floor studs and cut and install the insulation before we close up the finished floor.

Next steps after we finish up framing and installing the raised and insulated floor? Add more studs across the ceiling, add roofing plywood (and cut hole for vent), and install interior plywood wall between the kitchen and the sleeping cabin. We also ordered our doors which are custom made so will be here in a few weeks. All exciting progress and we can't wait to get working on it again!