Teardrop Trailer Project - vol. 4

Wow, it has been a bit too long since I updated you on our teardrop project. But to be fair, I did say when I began this blog that it would likely be updated infrequently at times (especially when we aren't living our normal lives due to covid!).

Here is a peek at what she has looked like over the last few months and what looks like now a the very end of the post...

Basically, this is where we are at. We have fully closed in and insulated the walls, all of the electrical outlets and switches have been installed, and we are beginning to close up the ceiling and the roof. Up next? We have to finally start building the rounded hatch to go on the back of the trailer, where the kitchen will be. This part has made me anxious since we started this project, but we feel ready to finally figure it out. Once the skeleton of the hatch door is built, we will be installing our DOT wiring and lights inside the hatch, closing it up on the inside and outside, and installing it to the trailer. From there we have some trim, weatherproofing, diamond plate, and aluminum to install before finally getting to permanently install the doors. Eeek! It feels so cool to be this close to finishing. We will also be building a raised bench for Winston to sleep on inside and some clothes/shoes/etc storage.

It is so fun to see where we began to where we are now. And to know we actually built this dang thing with our own two hands.

Stay tuned for more updates in the next few weeks. We hope to make more progress very soon!